Biomass Applications

Enerfab Offers..

- Biomass gasifiers – for industrial heating and electrical power generation.
- Supply of fuelwood from the short rotation coppicing of fast-growing leguminous trees.
- Provides management contracts to operate plants supplied by Enerfab.
- Spare Parts and breakdown maintenance for all installations completed.

Biomass systems supplied by enerfab are capable of replacing diesel, furnace oil (HFO) and LPG fired boilers, furnaces, kilns, dryers or internal combustion Engines in electrical generators.

Enerfab has the ability to install combined heat and power plants to supply Electricity while using the waste heat to supply thermal energy.

Enerfab is well known to propose innovative solutions to cut down the cost of thermal and electrical systems using gasifiers designed and fabricated at Enerfab.

EnerFab undertakes the supply of biomass for customers on a contractual basis. EnerFab has energy plantations and an out-grower network of biomass suppliers ensuring a consistent supply of fuel-wood.

Thermal Applications

The Gasifier can be used to switch from Diesel, Furnace oil and LPG to biomass.

Gasification converts solid fuels into a combustible a gas. This gas can be directed through piping just as LPG to a burner fixed of a boiler or dryer. The video below shows a dryer which had a diesel burner and later replaced by a producer gas burner and a gasifier by the Enerfab team. This unit has been in operation from 2006 to date.

Electrical Applications

The producer gas in gasifiers can be used to run an internal combustion Engine,

In the case of the video below, the engine is used to rotate a generator to produce electricity. This gasifier Generator was installed by Enerfab in a wood processing industry in Sri Lanka to produce 200kW of electricity from waste wood from the manufacturing process.

The unit also has an unused potential of 400kW of thermal energy that can be harvested through the exhaust and the cooling system of the engine to produce thermal energy.    

Continuously serving the industry since 2005

As at now, Enerfab installed Gasifiers are in operation for over a decade in several industries in Sri Lanka. Kandalama Hotel and Tea Factory hotel of Aitkenspence Group and CW Mackey and a few more establishments have been operating Enerfab Gasifiers for over a decade.

In 2017 Enerfab installed a 200kW electrical system proving the cleanliness of producer gas being suitable to run an internal combustion engine.

In 2018 July Enerfab has undertaken to install a Gasification plant to replace LPG at a poultry farm at Puttalam Sri Lanka. This project is underway at the moment.

Enerfab has continuously provided after-sales services for these industries since 2005. The long-standing installations have proven to be economically advantageous while being extremely environmentally friendly. 

Fuelwood Plantation & Processing

EnerFab Dedicated fuel wood plantation at Nawagattegama

EnerFab is a pioneering entity, which gives energy solutions in the field of biomass energy, using the technology called gasification. Many industrial energy conversions have been done in different industries. As an energy partner EnerFab operates in every aspect of the business such as fuelwood supply and fuelwood plantations which targeted safer fuelwood supply for the customers.

Fuelwood plantation
EneFab fuelwood plantation has been established at Nawagaththegama in the Puttalam district. This model plantation has been planted with 40,000 plants with the spacing of 2 by 1 meter. The plantation was established in the Maha season of 2008 and plants have grown up to a matured level today. The land before the establishment of the plantation was a scrubland. Which is now a lush green vegetation; enriching the soil with nitrogen and supplying fuel to the industry while improving the microclimate.

Why you need a reliable Fuel wood supplier…?

If you are an investor on a power plant you should have a considerable amount of control over your own fuel wood supply. That is a requirement when you are planning and getting approvals from government authorities.

If you get short supply from supply networks your entire project fails unless it holds by your own supply until your network work properly. The share of your own should minimum 50% as per our opinion but different person are speaking on different percentages.

Why you should select EnerFab as your Fuel wood Supplier..?

As a fuel wood supplier we have a market that could be linked with plantations. We have more than 2000 supplier base all around other than North and East.

We have collected different species of fuel wood such as Gliricidia, Ipil Ipil, cinnamon, Timber off cuts, coconut shells other approved trees as fuel wood trees. We know the comparative advantages of each of fuel types and available location, seasonality of them.

We have developed transport system for fuel wood business and any time could be scale up or down the operation capacity.

EnerFab Wood Grab (EWG 1)

EnerFab wood grab has been designed by EnerFab engineers after heavy trials done in the field which is one part of full wood handling system at the power plant premises. It could be used in mass scale wood handling system. This unit once could grab 1 cubic meter of wood chips at 20 % moisture content. The full Length of the grabber is 1930 mm. The diameter of the Grab when jaws are closed and those fully expanded are 1120 mm and 2200mm. The current price for the grab is US$ 10,000.00.


EnerFab Wood Grab (EWG 1) 



EnerFab Wood Grab (EWG 1)



EnerFab wood Chopper (DM500)

EnerFab wood chopper is designed to chop fuel wood sticks to small pieces to use in gasifiers. This size reduction operation is very much effective with DM500 than any other wood chopper designed in Sri Lanka when compared with the power consumption of the Chopper. Processing capacity of the chopper is 500 kgs of fuel wood per hour. The current price of the wood chopper is US$ 5000 for his unit. 

Steel Fabrication

Steel Fabrication

Design and Fabrication is one of EnerFab’s core competencies. EnerFab employs qualified and experienced civil and mechanical engineers and conforms to international design standards.

The design process involves analytical, computational and software modeling. Thus, enabling EnerFab to offer design solutions which are superior in strength and quality at a lower cost. EnerFab also specializes in corrosion protection.

EnerFab undertakes design, fabrication and installation of:

- Steel Lattice Structures
- Steel Buildings
- Large Advertising Structures
- Steel Penstock Pipelines
- Liquid (Water, Diesel, HFO) Storage Tanks
- Small Scale Hydro Power Plants
- Water / Diesel / HFO Pipelines
- Other civil engineering works.

Mini-Hydro Power Plants

Mini-hydro Power Plants

EnerFab (Pvt) Limited is the sole agents for GUGLER Water Turbines in Sri Lanka and offers the entire range of Hydro Power equipment and services for design, engineering, manufacturing, installation and servicing for all heads and outputs covering all types of turbines in both Horizontal and Vertical orientation.

GUGLER is one of the world’s technological leading suppliers of water turbines (Kaplan-, Pelton- and Francis Turbines) with an output ranging between 5 kW to 10 MW.

Completed Projects

December 2009
Aitken Spence Power signs for Hydro turbines from GUGLER Water Turbines for one of its Minihydro Power development sites. Enerfab is assigned with the installation of machinery and the local technical support.

March 2010
The company Bogo Power Pvt.Ltd (A holding company of the Stssern Group) has awarded Gugler Water Turbines a turnkey contract for the supply of (3) three Francis turbines with an installed capacity of 4.5 MW, including all required electromechanical equipment for the new hydropower project Kirkoswald in Sri Lanka.

Material Handling

Material Handling Solutions in Sri Lanka

The Crane can handle various loads with button switches for a short period of time. Now, The rationalization of material-handling management is changing the technology innovation. Ever since we have been closely associated with every major advance in the field.

EnerFab is unrivaled for excellence for supplying and installing standard cranes and hoists. In addition, able to offer a design and manufacturing service for special requirement International Partner: ATT Lifting Equipment Technology., JSC,

Types of cranes

Single Girder Overhead Traveling crane12.5 Tons30m
Double Girder Overhead Traveling crane160 Tons30m
Single Girder Suspension crane12.5 Tons30m
Jib Crane 5 Tons8m
Lighting crane2 Tons12m
Gantry & Semi-Gantry Crane  160 Tons50m

Suspended Scafoldings

We Supply and install suspended powered access

- Temporary suspended access
- Permanent suspended access
- Industry Specific Products
- Safety Systems

ESCO & Innovative Engineering

Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

Preliminary Energy Audits
Detailed Energy Audits
Other Energy Studies 

Energy Saving Implementations

Energy Saving Implementations

Enerfab Implements energy saving projects on turnkey basis with payback guarantee
- Implementation List

Measuring Instruments

Unique Styles

Enerfab is equipped with modern energy metering instruments
- Instrument List 

Completed Projects

Unlimited Sites

Enerfab has completed more than 15 detailed energy audits at Knitting garments, Tea factories and more sectors
- Completed Projects 

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